Why do ovaries fall?

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Why does this happen: the first brush in tomatoes will be tied and not develop? And for some, the second one is also not tied. What is the reason?

This question worries many amateur vegetable growers growing tomatoes in greenhouses. The falling of the ovaries of the first or second brushes in plants is a very common phenomenon, which can be explained by two main reasons.

The first is low light when growing seedlings in the phase of 3-5 true leaves. During this period, the first flower brush is laid, and if there is not enough light, the ovaries do not develop, pollen does not form in the flower. When the flower opens, pollination does not occur (due to the absence of pollen), and most of the ovaries fall. To avoid this, additional illumination is necessary during the growing of seedlings.

The second reason is the high humidity in the greenhouse during the flowering period of the first brush. At this time, the street is usually cold, the greenhouse is closed, and the humidity is high. Raw pollen does not fall out of the anthers, so pollination does not occur, and the ovaries fall off after a few days. Only those of them are preserved, which, although several pollen grains fell, this was not enough for the normal development of the fetus. In order for pollination to occur, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the greenhouse, water the plants rarely, but abundantly, slightly brush the bushes during flowering.

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