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Could there be anything more beautiful than a gentle smooth surface decorated with beautiful plants? No, he can not. After all, it is in water that a pretty elodea and beautiful jugs are grown. But you need to pay attention that the process of creating and decorating is complicated. But if you still decide to create a smaller copy of the reservoir in your garden, then you will succeed and you will overcome all the problems that arose in the process of creation.

To create a small pond, we need any bathtub (or a barrel of wood). In order for the pond to look good, you need to determine for it a well-lit place on the site. When choosing plants, pay attention to their ability to live in shallow water. There are many plants that live perfectly in shallow water. These are irises, marsh marigold and, of course, water lilies. You need to plant the plants in pots or in special boxes. They are usually made of plastic or coconut fibers. For planting, ordinary land from your garden is suitable. Pots of the earth should be put at the bottom of the pond. It is advisable to fill your pond with spring water and do it very slowly. Pour water gradually so that the earth from the pots does not surface. When planting plants, it is necessary to pay attention to their biological characteristics. Some need to be planted in-depth, while others live better in shallow water. Caring for such ponds is very troublesome and time-consuming. If algae grow, then in order for your pond to not lose its attractiveness, they must be removed. To do this, you need to use a rake or a net. This is due to the fact that dead plants rot, spreading a rotten smell. It is also necessary to clean the leaves, as they also rot.

Do not forget about park lighting: the lamps in the garden, in addition to fulfilling their main task, are also a decorative element. Try to install lights on the edge of the pond and direct the light into the water. In this case, part of the light flux will go deeper, and the other part will be reflected from the surface, illuminating the surrounding environment. It all depends on your imagination.

I hope that the article will help you, and you will create a wonderful pond in the joy of yourself and your loved ones. Good luck in this difficult, but useful and enjoyable business!

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