Scandinavian garden

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Scandinavian style is simplicity, naturalness and at the same time originality, the presence of catchy elements, accents. This style matches traditional wood houses and modern house types. The Scandinavian garden, as a rule, has a small area. In such a garden, a small lawn is required, which has a natural look, on which wild plants grow. An obligatory element is also a small lawn, on which there are no flower beds or borders. Paved areas should be rectangular in shape and paved with natural stone. In general, all forms gravitate toward squareness. Mandatory in the garden at least a small garden.

For benches, arbors and other structures, galvanized metal and wood are used. Often a tree is painted in bright colors (orange, blue). Although, in general, the color scheme is restrained, strict, with light colors and plants with decorative foliage.

Attributes of the Scandinavian garden: boulders, gravel, natural “wild” stone, a lot of wood products in simple shapes. Often bench benches are used, which are suitable for both relaxing and storing small garden equipment. Benches can be made of brick, stone, or an ordinary hewn log. The Scandinavian style is characterized by wooden and wicker furniture. Wicker items (panels, baskets) are widely used in the decor of such a garden. Another element of the Scandinavian style is the use of household items of the past – wheels, dishes, old equipment. These are, so to speak, garden accents.

The most common trees are maples and pines. From the bushes, elderberry, spirea, and lilac are suitable. You can plant a snowberry and a cinquefoil. Fruit trees that are not distinguished by leaf color or crown shape are also relevant.

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