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Any construction ends sooner or later and the next problem arises before the owners of a country house – landscape design. You can independently ennoble the territory adjacent to the house. But in most cases, this work will only lead to the loss of money and strength, since it is necessary to have special knowledge. Therefore, try to find a company that is engaged in the improvement of garden areas and trust her.

Landscaping planning begins with a drainage system designed to collect precipitation. At the same time, you need to make blind areas to organize a road-path network, and then lay underground communications, namely, an irrigation system and garden lighting. Then you can begin to create a landscape (alpine hills, lakes, retaining walls, waterfalls and hills). And only after all this can be a landscaped plot. Such sites have hotels that rent apartments on the Petrovsko-Razumovsky passage.

Gardening should be carried out according to the Aeroplan. Since landscape design is associated with loosening, digging the earth and other work on the soil, it would not be bad to buy a mini tractor. The final stage of landscaping is breaking the lawn. First, you should clean your site from stumps, stones, fallen leaves, snags, and other construction debris. Then you need to analyze the water and soils to find out about the need for soils in fertilizers. And already after the actions taken, you can choose a mixture of grasses.

Grass mixtures are selected depending on the planned loads and the intended purpose of the lawn. Experts recommend sowing the lawn with different mixtures at the same time so that it consists of 5-6 different types. This will allow him to tolerate climatic conditions and be quite durable.

It would be nice to sow such grass in the lawn so that it would be perennial, tolerate mowing, form a dense and dense turf, be adapted to climatic conditions and grow slowly. A good option is to order an already prepared roll lawn. Such lawns are used by hotels renting apartments on Startovaya street.

After ennoblement of the house area, it is equally important to properly care for all this. To do this, you can resort to the services of trained gardeners or take care of yourself, but periodically consult with professionals.

Maintenance of the garden and order in the garden is a very important point, and thanks to this the garden will develop. For faster growth of young plants, they need to be well watered, fed, and also treated from pests and diseases. Make a little love and effort, and your garden will certainly delight you.

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