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Carrot is white rot. How to deal with it?

The infection persists in the soil in the form of sclerotia. The development of the disease is facilitated by thickened crops, excessive moisture, dense, poorly cultivated soil, especially clay (heavy) soil.

The source of infection is seed material, infected root crops, soil.

Control measures and disease prevention:

  1. warming up carrot seeds before sowing (25-30 minutes at a temperature of 40-45 degrees);
  2. crop-rotation (return to the previous site in 3-4 years). Planting is best after potatoes or beets;
  3. autumn digging of the soil, plus weed removal, loosening of the soil during the period of plant growth;
  4. laying for soil storage during the period of plant growth;
  5. laying the storage of dried crops, pouring it with dry sand or chalk;
  6. removal of plant residues from the site;
  7. the repeated dusting of the soil with ash (at any time, from spring to autumn).

Why is beetroot blooming?

Beets are more demanding on heat. Sowing seeds should be done when the soil warms up to +12 degrees, and air temperature – up to +18 degrees. The cold days and nights of May and June led to the fact that the plant goes through the vernalization stage and, bypassing the formation of the root crop, starts to shoot, that is, bloom appears.

This is caused by insufficient soil moisture, especially during the period from sowing to the formation of 3-4 true leaves and a branched root system. With the prolonged drought, the leaves become smaller, dry prematurely, and root crops become coarser. Untimely thinning of multi-beet varieties of beets is another reason for bloom.

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