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Every year, I plant potatoes in the same place, and almost all the villagers do this, but recently I get a small crop, and the tubers are not large, so I want to divide my plot into 2 parts – plant one potato and let the rest rest, but I’m afraid that the soil will be overgrown with weeds. What can be sown on a free site so that there are no weeds and the soil has been enriched?

Potato traveler

Many gardeners in their plots plant potatoes on potatoes for many years and, of course, get small crops – about five times less than, for example, in Holland.

Previously, when every yard contained a cow, a horse, sheep, and chickens, there was enough organic fertilizer for potatoes, and there were not so many Colorado beetles. But now you can try to change the current situation.

Sow half of the plot with wheat, barley, oats, and if you have sandy soil, it is the best winter rye. All these crops fight well with annual weeds, and it is easy to harvest them.

You can give half of the plot to black steam, but then all summer you have to destroy weeds, and in August you can sow rye or winter wheat. In the summer, spread manure, peat and dig the soil on half of the plot free from plants. In a year, the potato crop will increase 2.5-3 times, and if the plants are watered on time, then even more.

Many alternate potatoes with vegetable beans (Secunda or Drakinskaya) at their site of planting and get an excellent harvest, and next year there are few beetles on potato plants – he does not like the smell of beans and does not winter in such areas.

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