Mushroom clearing – your favorite shady corner in a summer cottage

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Owners of suburban areas are increasingly interested in the design of their territory. We study various styles and techniques of landscape design that are close to them in character and attitude and reflect their view of nature, man-made beauty. Therefore, one of the options for landscape or natural style is so popular today – a forest corner.

This is a small piece of the garden that imitates a forest clearing, which will give you the opportunity to truly relax in your free hours, breathe in the clean, fragrant air, and even harvest a good harvest of forest mushrooms if you take care of this in advance. In the strongest heat, you can hide here from the scorching sun. Even in hot weather, under the crowns of trees, it will be cool.

Forest trees, especially oaks, birches and conifers – and even better if they grow nearby, will create a unique ecosystem, a special favorable microclimate that differs sharply from the microclimate of the rest of the site.

If your site has wild forest trees, create a composition around them. If there are stumps from previously cut or broken trees, then they can become the “highlight” of your forest lawn, give it a complete resemblance to a real forest, become a favorite habitat of forest mushrooms.

If you have at least one hundred square meters of land to create a forest zone, you can grow a real corner of a wonderful forest yourself. Trees that can be used for this purpose must correspond to the natural zone where they will grow in the future. Birch, mountain ash, oak, maple, weeping willow, bird cherry, viburnum, conifers are perfect.

You should not plant too many seedlings in a small area, because over time the trees will grow and require more space for life than it seems at first.

After 3-4 years, when they grow up, you will notice that the grass cover of the lawn has changed: it has become more like forest and meadow grass. Now, forest mushrooms will feel great here.

You can “sow” mycelium if brought from the forest or bought on the market a well-ripened porcini mushroom or boletus. Break the hats into small pieces, put in a glass jar, fill with water taken from a pond or river and, after insisting for three or four days in a warm and dark place, pour the infusion next to the hemp or under the tree of your forest glade.

In dry, hot weather, the mycelium must be watered once or twice a week.

Using this technology, it is easy to grow porcini mushrooms, brown boletus, butterflies, chanterelles, not to mention sows and Russula.

Thus, the very next year your forest glade will delight you with an excellent harvest of fresh forest mushrooms.

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