Lawn as an important part of landscape design

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As we all know, a garden cannot be so beautiful without a well-kept lawn. Its green color should soothe, and walking barefoot – to invigorate in the morning, with a charge for the whole day. It seems like it’s here to plant a lawn, but it’s not.

Proper care, as well as laying the lawn and preparing the soil is oriented for many years, otherwise, mistakes will be expensive: hordes of weeds and periodically appearing bald spots.

Of particular importance in determining the type of lawn. The lawn can be both decorative and special purpose. Decorative lawns, including landscape gardening and meadow, are very popular.

Herbs are selected by the principle – stronger, better. Sod should prevent punching and tearing; usually, for example, common bluegrass or forest bluegrass is added to it. However, it all depends on the climate of the area and there are even ready-made grass mixtures for this. In meadow lawns, legumes are most often present: various clovers, sweetweed, sowing sainfoin, and others. You can also combine this forb of marigold, flax and other ornamental vegetation to give the lawn a flowering appearance.

In order not to waste time – you can use a rolling lawn. It is grown in a special place and comes ready-made – stalls, sports or gardening. But you need to remember that you need to carefully plan the area for the lawn, and the surface should be perfectly flat and if with a slope, then, for the natural flow of water.

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