Could there be anything more beautiful than a gentle smooth surface decorated with beautiful plants? No, he can not. After all, it is in water that a pretty elodea and beautiful jugs are grown. But you need to pay attention that the process of creating and decorating is complicated. But if you still decide to create a smaller copy of the reservoir in your garden, then you will succeed and you will overcome all the problems that arose in the process of creation. To create…Continue Reading “Water garden”

As we all know, a garden cannot be so beautiful without a well-kept lawn. Its green color should soothe, and walking barefoot – to invigorate in the morning, with a charge for the whole day. It seems like it’s here to plant a lawn, but it’s not. Proper care, as well as laying the lawn and preparing the soil is oriented for many years, otherwise, mistakes will be expensive: hordes of weeds and periodically appearing bald spots. Of particular importance in determining the type of…Continue Reading “Lawn as an important part of landscape design”

Owners of suburban areas are increasingly interested in the design of their territory. We study various styles and techniques of landscape design that are close to them in character and attitude and reflect their view of nature, man-made beauty. Therefore, one of the options for landscape or natural style is so popular today – a forest corner. This is a small piece of the garden that imitates a forest clearing, which will give you the opportunity to truly relax in your free hours, breathe in…Continue Reading “Mushroom clearing – your favorite shady corner in a summer cottage”

Any construction ends sooner or later and the next problem arises before the owners of a country house – landscape design. You can independently ennoble the territory adjacent to the house. But in most cases, this work will only lead to the loss of money and strength, since it is necessary to have special knowledge. Therefore, try to find a company that is engaged in the improvement of garden areas and trust her. Landscaping planning begins with a drainage system designed to collect precipitation. At…Continue Reading “Rules by landscape”

Blue spruce – this is a very valuable copy of the landscape design. This unusual coniferous tree will decorate your garden and cottage plot and will delight you forever with green decoration. Blue spruce comes in several varieties, each of them is very individual. The most common and well-known species of blue spruce is Hupsi blue spruce. You can see the Hupsi spruce in the squares, alleys or parts of Europe, as it is very popular in this area. The main advantage of blue spruce…Continue Reading “Hupsi Blue Spruce – a wonder in your garden”

Landscaping in the English style is a landscaping style that allows you to use almost any flower that excites your imagination. The cobbled paths are lined with forget-me-nots, the grapes cover the arches, and the beautiful little arbor in the shade of a large tree and, of course, the lingering aroma of honeysuckle combined with jasmine is the perfect picture of an English garden. It contains an abundance of flowering plants, vines climbing walls. Perennials and annuals, vines and shrubs, photophilous plants and plants that…Continue Reading “Blue flowers of the English garden”

How do you sometimes want to relax in your yard, after gardening? Admire the fresh harvest on fruit trees. And where to sit if there is no comfortable bench? Choosing a bench for your garden is a very laborious task. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before buying, you definitely need to decide which bench you want to buy. With or without backrest, large or small, wooden or metal. It’s better, of course, to choose a bench with a back to sit comfortably, leaning…Continue Reading “Choosing a bench for the garden”

Scandinavian style is simplicity, naturalness and at the same time originality, the presence of catchy elements, accents. This style matches traditional wood houses and modern house types. The Scandinavian garden, as a rule, has a small area. In such a garden, a small lawn is required, which has a natural look, on which wild plants grow. An obligatory element is also a small lawn, on which there are no flower beds or borders. Paved areas should be rectangular in shape and paved with natural stone….Continue Reading “Scandinavian garden”

Today, an alpine hill has become an indispensable attribute of almost every garden site. The rock garden is a part of the garden that imitates a mountain landscape, to demonstrate in all its glory alpine plants. This is a classic version. In practice, the alpine slide is often called a strange pile of stones with an incredible selection of plants. Let’s try to figure out what is a modern rock garden in an ordinary private garden? This is a complex, time-consuming structure that simulates a…Continue Reading “Alpine hill”