Hupsi Blue Spruce – a wonder in your garden

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Blue spruce – this is a very valuable copy of the landscape design. This unusual coniferous tree will decorate your garden and cottage plot and will delight you forever with green decoration.

Blue spruce comes in several varieties, each of them is very individual. The most common and well-known species of blue spruce is Hupsi blue spruce. You can see the Hupsi spruce in the squares, alleys or parts of Europe, as it is very popular in this area. The main advantage of blue spruce is the silver-blue color of the needles, as well as its height, which can reach 10 meters. Last year’s spruce branches of Hupsi are almost impossible to distinguish from new ones, they are the same in color and shape. And the shade of spruce does not change either in winter or in summer.

In addition to its decorative qualities, Hupsey spruce has very interesting characteristics:

  • The blue spruce of Hupsi loves a well-lit place (in the sun it develops better and faster), but it normally tolerates the shadow.
  • Branches withstand even the severity of ice and snow.
  • Hupsi spruce trees can grow even in very harsh and cold conditions; they are very frost-resistant compared to other conifers.
  • Blue spruce copes well with water stagnation, prolonged rains, easily tolerates melting snow and even drought. But still, in a period of drought and intense heat, it is better to moisten the soil and even moisten the branches with water.
  • Blue spruce trees of different ages will decorate your garden plot. Unique landscaping will create fir trees planted with other species of conifers.

Blue spruce is both small and large. Perhaps you can grow miniature spruce yourself – caring for it is not difficult. But in case you decide to decorate your site with luxurious beauty, do not skimp on the services of a specialist who will help in the cultivation and care of this evergreen wonder of nature.

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