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Today, an alpine hill has become an indispensable attribute of almost every garden site. The rock garden is a part of the garden that imitates a mountain landscape, to demonstrate in all its glory alpine plants. This is a classic version. In practice, the alpine slide is often called a strange pile of stones with an incredible selection of plants.

Let’s try to figure out what is a modern rock garden in an ordinary private garden? This is a complex, time-consuming structure that simulates a mountain landscape, on which carefully selected plants are located.

Alpine and subalpine flora is the most important attribute of a standard alpine hill.

In our gardens, rockeries are widespread – stony compositions that combine plants with stone. In rotarya, many types of decorative undersized and ground cover plants are used. In rockeries, unlike rock gardens, boulders and other round stones are allowed.

For rock gardens in our country, limestone or sandstone is used mainly, less often granite. And, interestingly, these are not chunks rolled in by time, but pieces of rock having characteristic chips and angles. If the main place on your hill will be assigned to plants, it is better to give preference to limestone, since this stone is porous and the roots penetrate well into it.

The most optimal option is the construction of an alpine hill without the use of cement, brickwork and other labor-intensive construction work. Firstly, it will facilitate the work, and secondly, it will make it possible to reconstruct it later without special efforts. The optimal height of the rock garden is 0.5-1.5 m.

It does not hurt to arrange an evening illumination of the rock garden.

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