Owning a snow blower is becoming more important as you see more snowfall in the winter months. However, there are some tips that will help you find the best 2 stage snow blower under $1000 for your needs at a price that you can afford. The following tips should help you narrow down your options and will help you get the best value for your money. First, look for a snow blower under $1000. There are many stores that sell this variety of snow blower on…Continue Reading “Tips To Buy The Best Snow Blower”

Why does this happen: the first brush in tomatoes will be tied and not develop? And for some, the second one is also not tied. What is the reason? This question worries many amateur vegetable growers growing tomatoes in greenhouses. The falling of the ovaries of the first or second brushes in plants is a very common phenomenon, which can be explained by two main reasons. The first is low light when growing seedlings in the phase of 3-5 true leaves. During this period, the…Continue Reading “Why do ovaries fall?”

The readers of our blog ask the question “Why are tomatoes poorly tied?” Asking for clarification of what can be done to get the crop in time. In addition, cucumbers also behave strangely: having started, they later turn yellow and crumble. High daytime temperatures and fairly low nighttime temperatures for thermophilic crops (including tomatoes, cucumbers) create an opportunity for visible plant growth: vegetative mass is growing, especially in those areas where the soil is well seasoned. In this case, the laying of flower brushes on…Continue Reading “Tomatoes are not tied well”

Every year, I plant potatoes in the same place, and almost all the villagers do this, but recently I get a small crop, and the tubers are not large, so I want to divide my plot into 2 parts – plant one potato and let the rest rest, but I’m afraid that the soil will be overgrown with weeds. What can be sown on a free site so that there are no weeds and the soil has been enriched? Potato traveler Many gardeners in their…Continue Reading “Potato traveler”

I decided to build a cellar on the site. When is it best to build it so that it can stand, and most importantly, be dry? The construction of the cellar (as well as digging the well) is usually timed to the middle of summer – the driest time of the year. And they do this not only in order to protect the foundation pit and builders from the effects of precipitation but also because during this period the lowest level of standing groundwater. When…Continue Reading “When to make a cellar?”

Often, even experienced summer residents are not able to accurately predict the required number of seeds. They are sometimes not enough, then there are surpluses, which by the next season lose their germination. In order not to run around in search of the right seeds and at the same time not to spend too much money, it makes sense to calculate everything in advance. First, you need to decide how many and what kind of vegetables you want to get in the end. It is…Continue Reading “How many seeds to buy: tips for a beginner gardener”

I resume the Question-Answer section. Carrot is white rot. How to deal with it? The infection persists in the soil in the form of sclerotia. The development of the disease is facilitated by thickened crops, excessive moisture, dense, poorly cultivated soil, especially clay (heavy) soil. The source of infection is seed material, infected root crops, soil. Control measures and disease prevention: warming up carrot seeds before sowing (25-30 minutes at a temperature of 40-45 degrees); crop-rotation (return to the previous site in 3-4 years). Planting…Continue Reading “Question answer”

I bought 2 tubers of varietal potatoes. I want to get more of my tubers. How to do it? If you have a desire, opportunities, and patience, then you can do so. In February – early March put tubers for germination. After 1-1.5 months (in early or mid-April, no later), plant the tubers in a moist, loose soil mixture (rotted sawdust, peat, rotted compost), sprinkled with a layer of soil 2-3 centimeters on top. Germinate at a temperature of 12-18 degrees, moisturize regularly. As soon…Continue Reading “How to quickly propagate potatoes?”

How do you sometimes want to relax in your yard, after gardening? Admire the fresh harvest on fruit trees. And where to sit if there is no comfortable bench? Choosing a bench for your garden is a very laborious task. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before buying, you definitely need to decide which bench you want to buy. With or without backrest, large or small, wooden or metal. It’s better, of course, to choose a bench with a back to sit comfortably, leaning…Continue Reading “Choosing a bench for the garden”

Scandinavian style is simplicity, naturalness and at the same time originality, the presence of catchy elements, accents. This style matches traditional wood houses and modern house types. The Scandinavian garden, as a rule, has a small area. In such a garden, a small lawn is required, which has a natural look, on which wild plants grow. An obligatory element is also a small lawn, on which there are no flower beds or borders. Paved areas should be rectangular in shape and paved with natural stone….Continue Reading “Scandinavian garden”